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LimeFX Forex Broker: Currency & CFD Trading Online

Unfortunately, many traders ignore it, not knowing the level of success it can bring. Give LImeFx’s premium on Order History, and we can already dispel that LimeFX cheats. Gold The trader opening a Gold Account is provided by a financial analyst with a weekly market review of 30 minutes. LimeFX clients are privy to a selection of Live Trading Accounts to tailor fit into the trading experiences of the traders who might be signing up. On top of these the firm had also expanded within the last decade to include assets such as Commodities, Binary Options, and Indices.

LimeFX Forex Broker: Its Many Offers and Services

However, it doesn’t explicitly state the fees and charges of using its service anywhere. Considering the broker’s low trust score from earlier in our LimeFX review, it’s entirely possible it has hidden charges. However, even without that, it looks like the deposit and withdrawal methods are fairly limited. LimeFX’s account page doesn’t tell us anything about the actual accounts excluding some unimportant features. None of the directly trading-related data is present except minimal order sizes, which are pretty much the same everywhere. As such, the broker’s account page doesn’t actually inform us about the service we receive once we sign up.

Customer Service at LimeFX

Every broker must follow relevant legislation, so trying to sell that as an advantage is quite deceptive. Beyond that, it’s quite worrying that LimeFX doesn’t have an address beyond saying it’s located in Russia. That means it’s much more difficult to find and potentially pursue if it wrongs you. It’s also another layer of unneeded secrecy, further knocking down the firm’s safety score.

LimeFX Customer Reviews

I really liked the investor simulator feature. Thanks to it, I managed to get some of my money back. After I invested them in the market again, I managed to significantly increase my capital. And as we said earlier in our limefx review, we can’t justify that with the broker’s low trust rating. We feel like calling LimeFX a scam isn’t too much of an overstatement, as there’s definitely something shady going on. So even if you’re one of the traders that don’t have too many choices besides LimeFX, it’s likely smarter to go with a safer company.

  1. However, LimeFX opted to include three, including MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which are the top online platforms.
  2. Nowadays, traders can buy and sell over 180 different assets accompanied by varying levels of risk.
  3. Therefore, I can’t say that this broker is perfect.
  4. All these have helped tens of thousands of people embark on their trade routes.

Dishonest companies often make generous promises. To reiterate, no one can guarantee traders’ success. Unfortunately, a lot of novice traders tend to trust them. This statement can be true if we are to talk about short and medium-term trading. In long-term prospects, all assets tend to fall.

However, $10 will not result in much as even one losing trade can obliterate it. It is wise to bear in mind that losses are a normal part of trading in financial markets. This strongly suggests branding LimeFX fraud a complete fabrication, an ill-conceived notion not anchored to any basis in reality. What it does is only connect traders globally to help them find each other to engage in transactions. STP brokers like LimeFX are intermediaries that work via a unique automated platform. Said platform help traders find orders at the best market prices.

Orders are easily lodged through the platform in little time, making for faster, smoother transactions. Traders can read all their orders in a particular journal to allow greater analysis of possible trading mistakes. Held as an essential function, traders benefit entirely from keeping tabs on their Order history.

STP is a technology capable of allowing traders to transact directly with other people. Also, the technology can provide the best price for every trader as STP protects traders from manual price regulation. Many people cluck their tongues and shake their already made-up heads when the topic of LimeFX crosses their path. But as this write-up makes clear, the phrase is an ill-conceived idea stemming from a misunderstanding of how Forex trading works.

Essential to any trader from any orientation, quick order execution allows traders to buy highly volatile financial instruments. A perusal of these facets above seeks to prove why LimeFX is far from being a scam. The broker also has one proprietary platform for the traders that like to experiment. To be entirely candid, it’s quite sad to see such a great setup wasted on a sub-par brokerage.

In general, there aren’t any more of such negative reviews. That’s why I don’t want to work with them anymore. I got my first money I earned in 4 days and I don’t want to work with them. This feature is great and thanks to it I could withdraw some money. To be honest, at first, I was wary of this company. I was actively looking for where to invest, but many friends warned me against the Forex market.

After posting high prices, assets usually fall. That is why so many people lose in the financial market. Traders tend to buy currency, stocks, or cryptocurrency when the price is the highest, and after buying, it goes down. Traders can lose all their investments this way, especially if leverage is used or volatile assets are traded. When the price is at the lowest, this is the best time to administer trades. After this, it will, more often than not, grow.

The safety net is all too necessary for beginners, quite a generous gesture from the broker. The money is thus returned to the client as a bonus. Trading and luck oppose each other as trading requires sharp analysis. Gambling is about emotions, the worst enemy of effective trading. Ideally, traders need to work according to their trading strategy and not make any orders not sanctioned by a trading plan. It is integral for traders to create strategies.

That makes the broker look like it was just adding things as it went rather than properly planning its service. There’s also mismatching data in multiple sections, which indicates unprofessional management. And before we start our review, we’d like to say there’s a bit of a language barrier.

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